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About Our Products

 The Razor Sharp Knife Service sharpening tool is a two part technique utilizing a pair of hand laminated cardboard wheels. The first is gritted with 220 grit silicone carbide and the second is a slotted buffing wheel. These wheels are bored at 5/8" and come with " bushings to allow mounting on most any ordinary grinder motor.

STEP ONE: First a wire edge is developed using the gritted wheel, this step is equivalent to the process involved in hand sharpening on a whetstone. The two basic differences are (1) The wheel system operates on the edge only and does not leave stone or "file" marks on the blade, and (2) much less metal is removed and in seconds rather than minutes or hours as with conventional hand held systems.

STEP TWO: The second step involves using the cardboard buffing wheel. This step is basically the same as stropping a blade on leather to develop a super-keen yet durable edge. Using a white buffing rouge (about 1200 grit) you buff off the wire edge developed in step 1. The edge is buffed to a chrome-polished finish leaving a razor sharp edge that will shave hair (regardless of quality of steel) and last several times longer than most any other sharpening system. The cardboard wheel system is designed to sharpen at high speed without any heat on the blade

The wheels require very little maintenance and come with complete instructions. We even include a cassette tape to help you understand everything you need to know about the wheels. We know that once you have tried our wheels you will agree that you have the best system you ever owned. With very little practice, most anyone can use this system. You can sharpen knives better than you have ever done before. Click here to get more info or view our products.

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